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Dinghy Race Timing, Sailing Race Timer

What It Does and how it works

So, how does it all work and what does it do ...


In essecence, SailRace has been designed to take as much effort as is possible out of the OOD's tasks to enable the race to be run by a very small team, 2 is ideal but it can be done alone, and allow the officer to concentrate on race management. The system consists of 2 components, the software to control and record, and the hardware to provide outputs to any sounding device, and inputs to receive timings from a finish hooter. 

The system will run Handicap, Pursuit and Class races, manage the start sequence firing all sounders, pre print competitor time sheets, delay sheets for pursuits and at the end of the race produce all the results within minutes of completion.Visual graphics display countdown time, race duration, time to each pursuit class delay and flag prompting too. Finish times for handicap races are taken from a finish button which can be placed remotely on the committee boat or on the control box itself if running from a shore based location, once pressed for each finish, the hooter sounds and the time and position is logged automatically, all that is required is the finish position to be recorded on the pre printed sheet as this is entered against each competitor at the end of the race alongside any shorten course or DNF / DNS.

Further More, all race data is stored  as is competitor data so enabling standard entry of information, even if a competitor single hands a 2 man boat, their handicap is penalised accordingly ( configurable by user )

Finally, export features allow you to output all race data as required into Excel, Access Word or  

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