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​How It Works
There are two options available
  1. Fixed PC Based system
  2. Mobile Race Box
Fixed PC based System
This option utilised a standard desktop PC, monitor & printer ( which can be provided by the client or supplied ) connected to an interface which allows connection to external horns and lights if required. The PC can be operated by a standard mouse or via touchscreen if required ( or a combination of both ). Connection to the internet either wired or wirelessly allows full use of the email & ftp functions too as well as full remote support.
This option is ideal if you have a fixed race control cabin, see the schematic below :

SailRace System Overview

Welcome to a new way in Dinghy Race Automation, built by dinghy racers to allow consistant and reliable race control and result generation. 

Whilst there are systems out there which will fire a horn sequence for you, and a system to enter your results into to give Handicap, Class and Pursuit results, up until now there has been no complete integrated package. 

Sailrace systems has developed a fully integrated race system which fires the horn system, records boat finish times from the finish horn, fires pursuit delays - All Fully automatically, giving the OOD the freedom to concentrate on the race in hand.

Mobile Race Box

This option gives you the freedom to have the best of all worlds. You have a fully integrated rugged waterproof race computer that has all the features and functions of the fixed PC system, but you can take it out on the water and control your race from your committee boat. In addition, you can also choose to add the Interface, this means you can connect it on shore prior to race start, in your race cabin, allowing prior sign on, connection to external lights / horns, as above, then after the race has started, take it on your committee boat to finish the race at a different location, returning back to 'base' to complete and produce your results.

The race box comprises :

  • Rugged ABS case

  • IP 65 rated, will withstand getting wet

  • 10" touchscreen monitor

  • Built in 12V Gel battery with intelligent charger ( can be left on charge 24/7 )

  • Full Qwerty keyboard

  • External USB connector ( to connect to a printer / keyboard / mouse )

  • External HDMi connector ( to connect to an external monitor back on shore )

  • WiFi enabled

  • Internal 128dB Air Horn

This option is ideal if you run race start / finish at differing locations, see schematic below :

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